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Chicago Clergy Sex Abuse Cases

Read More About Chicago Clergy Sex Abuse Cases

Recently, first-time author Joan Nockels Wilson released a book highlighting the Chicago clergy sex abuse cases and the experience of her brother, Tim, who unfortunately became the victim of one of the Catholic priests. This riveting and chilling account of the unfolded events is difficult to digest yet essential to discuss and highlight. Over time, many cases have come to light, and this is just one story of many emerging over the last several years. To find out more about the author or the book itself, please check out the "about the author" section and the "about the book" sections. There is more detailed information about both, in addition to details about how to secure a copy of the book.

People who want to learn more about or read books about Catholic Church abuse should check out the first book release by author Joan Nockels Wilson. The author is a highly educated attorney with a diverse background. She composed this disturbing and riveting book to highlight this scandal that has begun to make headlines over the last several years. This is just one of many stories recently coming to light involving the extensive abuse children received at the hands of Catholic Church personnel and officials. To find out more about the author of the book, browse the tabs at the top of the homepage. There is also information on how to get a copy of the book. Anyone who wants to get more details about this case and its circumstances should take the time to check out the book.


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